A litany of the names of Christ, drawn from the Gospel of St. Matthew


1-25 (Christmas Vigil)

St. Matthew the Evangelist
Son of David, Son of Abraham
Child of Mary, through the Holy Spirit
Child of Mary, betrothed to Joseph
Child to be named “Jesus,” by Joseph
Child of Mary, Savior from sin
Child of Mary, fulfillment of prophets
“Emmanuel” (“God is with us”)

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1-12 (Epiphany)

Newborn King of the Jews, sought by maji
Child of the rising star
Shepherd of Israel
Child offered gifts by maji


Child whom Herod would destroy
Child saved by an angel’s message
Child taken by Mary and Joseph to Egypt
Son called out of Egypt, as prophesied
Child returned to Israel, through Joseph’s dream
Child taken to Nazareth, favored by God

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Lord, whose path to be made straight by John
Mightier one, prophesied by John
Mightier one, to baptize by the Holy Spirit
Jesus, baptized by John
Jesus, coming up from the water
Jesus, beholding the Spirit descending
Jesus, hearing the Father: “My beloved Son”

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One tempted by the devil, 3 times
Faster for 40 days and nights
Commander to Satan, “Get away”
One ministered to by angels


Jesus, withdrawn to Galilee
“A great light,” prophesied by Isaiah
Jesus, beginning to preach repentence
Caller of Simon and Andrew
Caller of James and John
Jesus, curing every illness
Jesus, drawing great crowds

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1-12 (All Saints)

Sermon-giver on the mount
Blesser of the poor in spirit
Blesser of those who mourn
Blesser of the meek
Blesser of the righteous
Blesser of the merciful
Blesser of the clean of heart
Blesser of the peacemakers
Blesser of the persecuted


Revealer of the light, to shine before others
Caller to be salt of the earth


Fulfiller of the law and prophets
Assurer that law does not pass away
Teacher of obedience, to least commandment
Giver of greatness, to whomever obeys
Giver of judgment, to the angry
Teacher of reconciliation with a brother
Advisor of quick settlement with others
Condemner of adultery, even in the heart
Counselor to throw away the causes of sin
One whose teaching surpasses present law
Giver of law against swearing


Rejecter of an eye for an eye
Teacher of turning the other cheek
Teacher of service, beyond what is asked
Teacher of love of enemies
Preacher of perfection

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1-18 (Ash Wednesday)

Teacher of right deeds, unseen
Teacher of almsgiving, not to win praise
Teacher of prayer, in secret
Teacher of fasting, unseen
Giver of prayer “Our Father”


Warner not to store up treasures on earth
Counselor to store up treasures in heaven
Describer of heaven, where the heart is


Reliever of life’s cares
Guide to the way of wildflowers
Assurer of the Father’s care
Teacher to seek first the kingdom of God

R/ Hear my prayer



Parable-teller not to judge a brother
Parable-teller to judge oneself


Giver to everyone who asks
Finder for everyone who seeks
Opener to everyone who knocks
Revealer of a generous heavenly Father
Teacher: Do to others as you would have them do to you


Warner of false prophets in sheeps’ clothing
Knower of the good by their fruits


Rewarder of one who does the Father’s will
Advisor to build on rock, not on sand
Teacher of authority, to crowds

R/ Hear my prayer



Finder of faith in centurion
Rewarder of faith that exceeds Israel’s
Opener of heavenly banquet to many others
Healer of centurion’s servant
Healer of Peter’s mother-in-law
One who took away our infirmities, bore our diseases


Son of Man with nowhere to lay your head
Inviter to follow you, without delay


Sleeper during storm at sea
Questioner of disciples’ little faith
Rebuker of the winds and sea
One whom winds and sea obey


Driver of demons into the sea

R/ Hear my prayer



Traveler to own town of Nazareth
Encourager of the paralytic, for his faith
Forgiver of paralytic’s sins
“Blasphemer,” thought by scribes
Revealer of your authority to forgive sins
Curer of the paralytic
Cause of awe among the crowd
Cause of their praise of God


Caller to Matthew, “Follow me”
Diner with tax collectors and sinners
Desirer of mercy, not sacrifice
One come not to call righteous, but sinners


“Bridegroom” among guests
Reliever of fasting, while you are among them
Encourager of fasting, when you are taken away


Perceiver of a sufferer’s touch
Curer of woman, for her faith
Revealer of a girl thought to be dead
Layer of your hand on girl
Rewarder of her father’s faith


“Son of David,” to two blind men
Opener of eyes of the blind
Healer of renown


Expeller of demons
Teacher in synagogues
Curer of every illness
Heart moved with pity for the troubled
Heart moved with pity for sheep without a shepherd
Sender of laborers for the harvest

R/ Hear my prayer



Giver of authority to the 12, to heal
Sender of the 12, to “lost sheep”
Sender of the 12, to proclaim the kingdom at hand


Sender of the 12, to cure sick and raise dead
Sender of the 12, to cleanse lepers, drive out demons
Sender of the 12, to give without cost
Sender of the 12, to take no money, sack, or sandals
Sender of the 12, to seek worthy persons, wish them peace


Sender of apostles like sheep among wolves
Warner of persecution as your witnesses
Comforter that Holy Spirit speaks through them
Name for whom disciples are hated
Name in whom disciples are saved
Son of Man, coming


Counselor to become like their Master
Encourager to fear no one
Warner against one who destroys body and soul
Assurer the Father knows each sparrow that falls
Assurer the Father knows the hairs of our head
Acknowledger of those who acknowledge you before others
Denier of those who deny you before others


Bringer not of peace, but the sword
Admonisher not to love father and mother more than you
Rewarder of those who lose life for your sake
Reproacher of those who do not take up cross and follow you
Rewarder of cup-giver of cold water to little ones

R/ Hear my prayer



Assurer of who you are, to John’s disciples:
Giver of sight to the blind/ Healer of the lame/
Cleanser of lepers/ Curer of the deaf/
Raiser of the dead/ Proclaimer of good news to the poor


Describer of John as greatest of men
Advisor to give ear to John
Revealer of the violent, taking the kingdom by force


Son of Man, come eating and drinking
Friend of tax collectors and sinners
One whose works wisdom vindicates


Reproacher of unrepentent towns
Reminder of your mighty deeds done there


Praise-giver to the Father
One known only by the Father
Only one who knows the Father
Only one who reveals the Father
Giver of rest, to the burdened
Meek and humble heart
Offerer of your yoke
One whose yoke is easy
One whose burden is light

R/ Hear my prayer



Defender of disciples, eating grain on sabbath
Revealer of something greater than temple
Desirer of mercy, not sacrifice
Lord of the sabbath


One whose death plotted by Pharisees
Fulfillment of the prophet Isaiah:
Chosen servant/ Beloved of the Father/
Receiver of the Spirit/ Proclaimer of justice to Gentiles/
Name in whom Gentiles hope


“Teacher” to scribes, wanting a sign
Giver of the sign of Jonah, in whale 3 days and nights
Something greater than Jonah and Solomon
Sign of Son of Man, to be in earth 3 days and nights


Speaker to crowd, while your mother and brothers wait
Caller of disciples–your mother and brothers
Brother to whomever obeys the Father

R/ Hear my prayer



Parable-teller, by the sea
Parable-teller of a sower of seeds
Describer of seeds, fallen on rich soil, producing fruit


Parable-teller, for some hear but do not understand
Blesser of the eyes that see
Blesser of the ears that hear


Describer of kingdom of heaven, like sower of good seed
Master who allows weeds to grow with wheat
Collector of weeds at harvest, to burn
Gatherer of wheat at harvest, into your barn
Master of the harvest


Describer of kingdom’s small beginnings
Revealer of hidden, from foundation of world


Son of Man, sower of good seed
Sender of angels, to collect evil-doers out of your kingdom
Describer of the righteous, shining like the sun


Parable-teller of kingdom, like buried treasure found
Parable-teller of kingdom, like pearl of great price
Parable-teller of kingdom, like net thrown into the sea
Sender of angels, to separate the good and the bad
Affirmer of the new and the old


Teacher in Nazareth synagogue
“Man of wisdom and mighty deeds,” people wonder
“Carpenter’s son”
“Mary’s son”
Prophet without honor in your native place

R/ Hear my prayer



Seeker of a deserted place, after death of John
Drawer of a vast crowd
Heart moved with pity for crowd
Blesser of 5 loaves and 2 fish
Breaker of the loaves
Satisfier of 5,000 men; and women and children


Walker on the windy sea at night
“Ghost,” feared by disciples
Speaker to disciples, “Take courage”
Proof of yourself, to Peter
Caller to Peter, “Come”
Saving hand outstretched to Peter
Rebuker of those of little faith
“Son of God,” to disciples
Curer of the sick who touch your cloak

R/ Hear my prayer



One accused by Jews of breaking tradition


Explainer: what is consumed does not defile man
Caller of Pharisees, “blind guides”


“Lord, Son of David,” to Canaanite woman
Claimant only sent to lost sheep of Israel
Rewarder of Canaanite woman’s faith
Healer of her daughter’s torment by a demon


Curer of the lame, blind, deformed, and mute
Heart moved with pity for the hungry crowd
Thanks-giver for few loaves and fish
Satisfier of 4,000 men; and women and children

R/ Hear my prayer



Questioner of disciples: “Who do you say that I am?”
“John the Baptist,” to some
“Elijah,” to others
“Jeremiah,” to still others
“The Messiah, the Son of the living God,” to Peter
Blesser of Peter, for his faith
Builder of your church on Peter
Giver of keys to the kingdom to Peter
Giver of power to bind and loose


Preparer of disciples for your death
Chastiser of Peter, for his human thoughts
Encourager of disciples, to take up their cross, follow you
Promise-giver of life, to those who lose it for your sake
Promise-giver of your return in the Father’s glory
Repayer to each, for his conduct
Son of Man, coming in your kingdom

R/ Hear my prayer



One transfigured on the mountain
Face shining like the sun
One clothed in white light
Prophet to Peter, like Moses and Elijah
“My beloved Son,” pleasing to the Father


Charger, not to tell of this vision
Prophesier of your suffering, as Elijah, at men’s hands


Rebuker of a boy’s demon
Reproacher of disciples, for little faith to cure
Preacher of a faith that moves mountains


Prophesier you will be handed over and killed
Prophesier you will rise on the third day

R/ Hear my prayer


1-5, 10

Caller to be like children
Receiver of one who receives a child
Judge of the humble, greatest in heaven
Assurer that no little one be lost
Woe-giver to one who causes little one to sin


Searcher for stray sheep
Rejoicer in finding one


Teacher of brotherly correction
Advisor to seek witnesses for correction
Instructor to seek decision of the church
Binder and looser in heaven, as in church on earth
Name to invoke where 2 or 3 pray


Preacher of forgiveness, 77 times
Forgiver of a servant’s debt
Admonisher of unforgiving servant
Teacher of forgiveness from the heart

R/ Hear my prayer



Upholder of creation of male and female
Upholder of marriage, as 2 become 1 flesh
Forbider to separate what God has joined together
Teacher that remarriage is adultery
Explainer that some incapable of marriage


Promise of heaven to children
Hand-layer in prayer on children


Teacher of commandments, for eternal life
Teacher of perfection, by giving up all to follow you
Inviter: “Then come, follow me.”


Warner to the rich
Assurer that all is possible for God
Rewarder of your followers, with 12 thrones
Giver of eternal life, to those who give all
Promise-giver: the last will be first

R/ Hear my prayer



Summoner of laborers, into your vineyard
Just and generous owner of your vineyard
Teacher that the last will be first


Gatherer of the 12, to go up to Jerusalem
Confider of your condemnation and crucifixion
Confider of your rising on the third day
Teacher of servanthood
Son of Man, come to serve
Son of Man, ransom for many

R/ Hear my prayer


1-11 (Palm Sunday Procession)

“Your King . . . meek and riding on an ass”
“Son of David,” proclaimed by crowd
“Jesus the prophet, from Nazareth in Galilee”


Teacher challenged in the temple area
Challenger of chief priests and elders


Rebuker of unbelieving chief priests and elders
Accepter of believing tax collectors and prostitutes


Master of the vineyard
Promise-giver of the vineyard, for tenants who produce
Quoter of scripture: Rejected stone becomes cornerstone
Promise-giver of Kingdom of God, for the fruitful

R/ Hear my prayer



Parable-teller of a son’s wedding feast
Rebuker of unprepared guests
Inviter of many, chooser of few


“Teacher” whom Pharisees try to trap
Teacher to repay what belongs to Caesar
Teacher to repay what belongs to God


Teacher of the Great Commandment
Teacher of love of God, with all one’s heart, soul, mind
Teacher of love of neighbor as oneself

R/ Hear my prayer



Critic of scribes and Pharisees, for laying burdens on people
Reproacher of doing works, to be seen
Caller of all “brothers” with one Father
One Master, “the Messiah”
Describer of the greatest, as a servant


Woe-bringer to those who lock the kingdom of heaven
Woe-bringer to blind guides who take meaningless oaths
Counselor not to swear by the gold on the altar
Counselor to swear by God on his throne


Chastiser of neglecting judgment, mercy, and fidelity
Warner to first cleanse what is inside


Critic of beauty, only on the outside
Sender of prophets, wise men, and scribes
Foreteller of their persecution

R/ Hear my prayer



Son of Man, whose day of coming is unknown
Reminder of the flood in time of Noah


Warner to disciples: “Stay awake” for the Lord
Son of Man, coming unexpected
Blesser of the faithful and prudent servant
Punisher of the wicked servant, at unknown hour

R/ Hear my prayer



Parable-teller of 10 virgins, awaiting bridegroom
Discerner of the foolish and the wise
Rewarder of those ready to meet him with lighted lamps


Parable-teller of a good and faithful servant
Rewarder of the faithful in small matters
Master who shares our joy
Dismisser of a useless servant

31-46 (Christ the King)

Son of Man, to come in glory
Assembler of the nations
Rewarder of those who did for your least brothers
Assurer: Bread given to hungry, done for you
Assurer: Drink given to thirsty, done for you
Assurer: Stranger welcomed, done for you
Assurer: Clothes given to naked, done for you
Assurer: Care given to ill, done for you
Assurer: Prisoner visited, done for you

R/ Hear my prayer


26:14-27:66 (Palm Sunday)

Betrayed one, for 30 pieces of silver
Planner of your Passover
Warner of woe to your betrayer
Blesser of bread, breaker of bread
Giver of your Body
Taker of cup, giving thanks
Giver of your Blood, for forgiveness of sins
Promise-giver of the kingdom
Struck shepherd who will rise
Singer of hymn
Foreteller of Peter’s denial
Instructor to disciples, to wait as you pray
Petitioner for the cup to pass from you
Sorrowful soul
Willer of the Father’s will
Scolder of sleeping disciples
Meeter with your betrayer Judas
“Rabbi,” kissed by Judas, before armed crowd
Arrested one, fulfilling prophets
Truth-teller before Sanhedrin
Defendant against accusations of blasphemy
Claimant to be: “the Son of Man,
seated at the right hand of the Power . . .
coming on the clouds of heaven”
Victim of scorn and derision
Victim of spitting and slapping
Silent one, before Pilate
Condemned one, chosen by crowd over Barabbas
“King of the Jews,” to mocking soldiers
One stripped and crowned with thorns
One led to be crucified
One crucified between two thieves
“Jesus, King of the Jews,” written over your cross
One who “cannot save himself,” to leaders
Crier: “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”
Giver of your life, Giver of your spirit
One laid in new tomb, by Joseph of Arimathea
Body guarded, for fear it be stolen

R/ Hear my prayer


1-15 (Easter Sunday)

“Jesus the crucified .. . raised as he said,” revealed by angel
Greeter of two Marys
Distiller of fear
Sender of message, to meet disciples

16-20 (Ascension)

Jesus, worshiped but doubted by 11
All powerful one, in heaven and on earth
Sender of disciples into the world, to baptize and teach
Promise-giver to be with us always

R/ Hear my prayer

Rosemary Lunardini