A litany of the names of Christ, drawn from the Gospel of St. Mark



St. Mark the Evangelist
Jesus Christ, Son of God
Lord whose way prepared by John
One mightier than John, proclaimed by him
One who will baptize in the Holy Spirit


Jesus of Nazareth, baptized by John
One on whom the Spirit descends
“Beloved Son” of the Father


One driven by Spirit into the desert
One tempted by Satan, ministered to by angels
Proclaimer of repentence and belief in the gospel


Proclaimer of gospel of God, at hand
Caller of Simon and Andrew
Caller of James and John
Maker of them, fishers of men


Synagogue teacher, whose authority astonishes
Rebuker of a man’s unclean spirit
Man of fame through Galilee


Reliever of fever of Simon’s mother
Curer of many sick
Driver-out of demons
Seeker of deserted place to pray
Preacher through all of Galilee


Heart moved with pity for a leper
Hand that cures a leper
Warner to tell no one
One sought by people everywhere

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Forgiver of a paralytic’s sins
Accused falsely of blasphemy, for forgiving sin
Curer of the paralytic, proving authority to forgive sin


Traveler to the sea
Caller to Levi to follow you
Diner with tax collectors and sinners
Physician to the sick
Caller not of righteous, but of sinners


“Bridegroom,” who requires no fast now
Caller to fast, when you are taken away
“New wine,” poured in fresh wineskin
One not contained by old way


Upholder of the hungry, picking grain on sabbath
Teacher of sabbath, made for man
Son of Man, Lord of the sabbath

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Inviter of man with withered hand
One grieved at hardness of hearts
Law-giver to do good on the sabbath
Restorer of the man’s hand
Target of Pharisees, to be put to death


One withdrawn to the sea, followed by many
Curer of many, of unclean spirits
“Son of God,” called by them
Warner not to make you known


Appointer of 12 apostles
Sender of the 12 to preach and drive out demons


Accused of having demons, to drive out demons
Explainer, Satan cannot drive out Satan
Promise-giver, all sins are forgiven
Exempter of forgiveness of blasphemy against the Holy Spirit


One sought by your mother and brothers
Caller “mother and brothers,” those who do God’s will

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Parable-teller of seed, sown on rich soil, bearing fruit
Describer of seed as the word sown in your followers
Warner against Satan, who takes away the word
Exposer of those who crave other things
Abundant giver to ones who hear and accept the word


Parable-teller of a lamp, not to be hidden
Maker of all things to be visible
Measurer of more, to one who gives more


Parable-teller of the kingdom, like a mustard seed
Parable-teller of the mustard seed, largest of plants
Describer of the kingdom as a dwelling


Rebuker of the wind, calmer of the sea
Chastiser of disciples’ lack of faith
One “whom even wind and sea obey”

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Jesus, confronted by unclean spirit
Reliever of the man possessed
Remover of legions of unclean spirits


Jesus, touched on your cloak
Power outflowing, healing
Healer of woman, for her faith
Raiser of a little girl believed dead
Order-giver, no one should know

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Visitor to your native place
Sabbath teacher in the synagogue
“Carpenter, son of Mary,” called by people
Suspect for your wisdom and mighty deeds
Prophet without honor, among your own
One amazed at their lack of faith


Sender of the 12, two by two
Giver of authority to them, over unclean spirits
Instructor to take only a walking stick for the journey
Advisor to leave a place if not welcome


Jesus, called “John the Baptist,” by many
“Elijah,” called by others
“Prophet like any of the prophets,” to still others


Inviter of apostles to rest awhile
Heart moved with pity for the crowd
Shepherd teacher


Heart moved with pity for sheep without a shepherd
Teacher of vast crowd
Caller to disciples to feed the people
Blesser of five loaves and two fish
Satisfier of 5,000–all who ate


Jesus, alone in prayer
Jesus, mindful of disciples on the stormy sea
Jesus, walking on the sea toward disciples
Jesus, saying, “It is I, do not be afraid”
Jesus, calming the sea, astounding disciples


Jesus, accepting the sick everywhere
Jesus, healer of all who touch your cloak

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Accused, of breaking Jewish tradition of cleanliness
Quoter of Isaiah, not to teach human precepts as doctrines
Critic of human tradition, over God’s commandment


Teacher that defilement comes from within
Chastiser of those defiled in their hearts


One begged for daughter’s cure, by a Greek woman
Rewarder of her faith and humility


Maker of a man to hear and speak
Instructor, not to tell
One who does all things well, to the people

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Heart moved with pity, for the hungry crowd
Giver of thanks and breaker of 7 loaves
Blesser of a few fish
Satisfier of 4,000–all who ate


Spirit of sighs
One weary of seekers of signs
Refuser of a sign, to this generation


Rebuker of disciples’ misunderstanding
Rebuker of disciples’ forgetting you fed the crowd


Rubber of spittle on eyes of a blind man
Curer of a blind man at Bethsaida


“John the Baptist,” called by some
“Elijah,” believed by others
“One of the prophets,” to still others
“The Messiah,” to Peter
Foreteller of your own death and rising
Rebuker of Peter, thinking as a human
Teacher of self-denial, to follow you
Giver of life, lost for your sake


Summoner of crowds
Teacher of disciples, to take up the cross
Warner to the faithless, when you come in glory

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2-10 (Transfiguration)

Leader of Peter, James, and John up a mountain
One whose clothes became dazzling white
Converser with Elijah and Moses
“My beloved Son,” called by voice in a cloud
Charger of disciples, not to tell until you rise


Confirmer of all possibility, through faith
Hearer of a father: “I do believe, help my unbelief”
Rebuker of unclean spirit in the man’s son
Advisor to pray in such matters


Secretive traveler through Galilee
Revealer of your own death and rising
Teacher of the 12: the first shall be last
Receiver of a child, embracer of a child
Counselor to receive a child in your name
Promise-giver of the One who sent you


“Teacher,” to John
Accepter of mighty deeds, done in your name
Rewarder of anyone giving a cup of water, in your name
Rejector of anyone causing little ones to sin

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Traveler into Judea, teaching
One tested by Pharisees about divorce
Renewer of law, from beginning of creation
Teacher, man and wife become one flesh
Teacher, no one may separate what God has joined
One questioned again, by disciples, about divorce
Teacher, marriage to another after divorce is adultery


Accepter of children, coming to you
Revealer of kingdom, belonging to them
Teacher of acceptance of kingdom, as a child
Blesser of children


“Good teacher,” to young man
Counselor to sell all, for the poor
Warner of difficulty for the rich, to enter kingdom
Assurer that all is possible for God


Rewarder of those giving all for you and the gospel
Judge of the first, to be last
Judge of the last, to be first


Son of Man, going to Jerusalem to be handed over
Son of Man, to be condemned, put to death, and rise
One sought by sons of Zebedee for their own glory
Drinker of cup, they must also drink
Summoner of disciples, to be servants
Teacher of servanthood
Son of Man, life ransom for many


“Jesus, Son of David,” to blind Bartimeus
Giver of sight to Bartimeus, for his faith

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1-10 (Palm Sunday Procession)

Master, sitting on cloaks over a colt
Master, honored by spreading of cloaks on the road
“He who comes in the name of the Lord”


Curser of a barren fig tree
Ejector of sellers from the temple
Upholder of temple: house of prayer, not den of thieves
Assurer of power of prayer
Counselor to forgive another, before prayer
Promise of Father’s forgiveness, in turn


One whose authority questioned by temple elders
One whose authority questions them

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Speaker in parables
Beloved Son, sent to your Father’s vineyard
Beloved Son, killed as your Father’s heir
Beloved Son, vindicated by your Father
Stone rejected by builders, become cornerstone


Teacher, flattered by hypocrites
Teacher, tested by enemies
Advisor, repay what belongs to Caesar
Counselor, repay what belongs to God


“Teacher,” questioned by Saducees
Teacher of God of the living, not the dead


Giver of 1st commandment, to love the Lord our God
Giver of 2nd commandment, to love our neighbor
Affirmer of a scribe’s understanding


Recaller of David, calling on the Lord
Delighter of crowd: How is the Lord son of David?


Denouncer of scribes’ self-righteousness
Observer of a poor widow’s offering
Uplifter of widow, giving all she had

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Foreteller of doom on earth
Promise-giver of your coming in glory
Lesson-giver from the sprouting fig tree
Teacher of this generation as witness of your word
Teacher whose words do not pass away

33-37 (1st Sunday of Advent)

Lord of the house, coming
Advisor to all, be watchful

R/ Hear my prayer


14:1-15:47 (Palm Sunday: Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ)

Anointed one with oil by woman in Bethany
Defender of woman, who anticipates your burial
Sender of disciples, to prepare Passover
Recliner at table, with the 12
Caller of your betrayer, one of the 12
Blesser and breaker of bread: “This is my body”
Giver of your body to disciples
Taker of cup: “This is my blood”
Giver of your blood to disciples
Prophesier of shedding your blood, for many
Prophesier of being raised up
Foreteller of Peter’s denial
Singer of hymn with disciples, on way to Gethsemane
Sorrowful soul, calling disciples to keep watch
Leave-taker of disciples, to pray at Gethsemane
Pleader with Father, to take this cup away
Willer of your Father’s will
Finder of disciples sleeping, three times
“Rabbi,” betrayed by Judas
Captive, led away to high priest
Silent defendant, falsely accused
Speaker, “I am” the Messiah
“Son of Man . . . coming with the clouds of heaven”
Condemned, blindfolded, struck, and taunted
Unknown man, as denied by Peter
Bound, led away, and handed over
Silent defendant, before Pilate
“King of the Jews, offered by Pilate to crowd
Rejected by crowd, calling, “Crucify him”
Head crowned with thorns in mockery
Body spat upon and struck
Crucified on Golgotha, taunted to save yourself
“Forsaken” one, who asks God, “why?”
Sign of temple veil, torn in two
“Son of God,” to centurion, witness to your death
Body taken down, claimed by Joseph of Arimathea
Body wrapped in linen, laid in tomb

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1-7 (Easter Vigil)

Jesus of Nazareth, the crucified, who has been raised


Appearer first to Mary Magdalen
Risen Jesus, seen by two disciples, walking on road
Risen Jesus, seen by 11 at table
Rebuker of unbelievers

15-20 (Ascension)

Sender of 11 to proclaim gospel to the world
Giver of authority to 11, in your name
Prophesier of signs of believers in your name:
to drive out demons/to speak new languages/
to pick up serpents/to drink poison without harm/
to lay hands on the sick
Lord Jesus, taken up into heaven
Lord Jesus, seated at the right hand of God

R/ Hear my prayer

Rosemary Lunardini