A litany of the names of Christ, drawn from the Gospel of St. Luke


26-38 (Immaculate Conception of Mary; Annunciation)

St. Luke the Evangelist
Son of Mary, announced by angel Gabriel
Son conceived in Mary’s womb
Son to be named “Jesus”
Child to be called, “Son of the most high”
Inheritor of throne of David
Ruler of house of Jacob forever
Child to be called, “Son of God”
One whose kingdom will not end
Child conceived by the Holy Spirit
Son of Mary, handmaid of the Lord

39-56 (Assumption of Mary)

Source of joy, to infant in Elizabeth’s womb
Blessed fruit of Mary’s womb, known to Elizabeth
The Lord, proclaimed great by Mary
Child who blesses Mary, for all ages
Great thing done by the Mighty One for Mary
Promise made to Abraham and his descendants


Mighty Savior of Zechariah
Raised horn for salvation of Israel
Promise of the prophets
Promise of mercy
Promise of freedom of worship
One whose way to be prepared by John
Daybreak from on high to visit us
Guide into the way of peace

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1-14 (Christmas Mass during the Night)

Child born in David’s city
Child wrapped in swaddling clothes
Child laid in a manger
Good news of great joy
A savior born, announced by angel
A sign from shepherds
Infant praised by heavenly chorus

15-20 (Christmas Mass at dawn; Solemnity of Mary)

Infant lying in a manger, found by shepherds
Child made known by shepherds
Reflection of Mary’s heart
Child named “Jesus”

22-40 (Presentation of the Lord)

Child presented in the temple
Consolation of Israel, awaited by Simeon
Child taken in the arms of Simeon
Salvation prepared in sight of all peoples
Light for revelation to the nations
Glory for your people Israel
Child destined for rise and fall of many
Sign to be contradicted
Child for whom Anna thanks God
Child returned to Nazareth
Child growing strong, filled with wisdom

41-51 (Holy Family)

Young Jesus, lost to parents 3 days
Young Jesus, found in temple astounding teachers
Son who must be in the Father’s house
Obedient son, returned to Nazareth
Son whose ways kept in Mary’s heart
Son advancing in wisdom, age, and favor

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Lord, whose path made straight by John
Salvation of God, to be seen by all

10-18, 21-22 (Baptism of the Lord)

One coming, mightier than John
One coming, baptizing in the Holy Spirit
One baptized by John
One upon whom Holy Spirit descends
“Beloved Son” pleasing to the Father

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One fasting in desert 40 days
One tempted by the devil, to turn stone to bread
Quoter of scripture: do not live by bread alone
One tempted to worship the devil, for worldly power
Quoter of scripture: worship God alone
Son of God, tempted to call angels to save you
Quoter of scripture, do not test God


Sabbath observer in Nazareth
Reader of prophet Isaiah in the synagogue
Fulfiller of Isaiah’s prophecy:
Anointed one, to bring glad tidings to the poor/
Sent one, to proclaim liberty to captives/
Recoverer of sight for the blind/
Freer of the oppressed


Amazing speaker, to Nazareans
Son of Joseph, to them
Unaccepted prophet, in native place
Exiled from Nazareth


Sabbath teacher in Capernaum
“Jesus of Nazareth,” to man with demon
Authority and power, over unclean spirits


Rebuker of a woman’s fever
Layer of hands on the sick
Curer of diseases and rebuker of demons
Seeker of a deserted place, found by crowds
Proclaimer of the kingdom of God
Purposeful traveler to other towns

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Instructor of Simon, to lower nets
“Master,” to obedient Simon
Giver of power to fill nets
Giver of power to now catch men


Toucher of leper, to make him clean
Admonisher to tell no one
Lord withdrawn to pray


Healing power of God
Forgiver of sins of paralytic, for his faith
“Blasphemer,” so accused by scribes and Pharisees
Forgiving power of God on earth
Curer of paralytic


Caller to Levi, “Follow me”
Diner with tax collectors and sinners
Caller of sinners to repent


“Bridegroom” with whom no one fasts
Teacher of coming days of fast

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Lord of disciples, picking grain on sabbath
Sabbath breaker, accused by Pharisees
Lord of the sabbath


Challenger of scribes and Pharisees
Saver, not destroyer, of life
Curer of man on sabbath


Spender of night on mountain in prayer
Chooser of 12 apostles
Preacher to a great crowd
Healer of all who touch you


Blesser of the poor
Blesser of the hungry
Blesser of the weeping
Blesser of the hated on your account
Woe-giver to the rich
Woe-giver to the filled
Woe-giver to the laughing
Woe-giver to the admired


Preacher of love of enemies, as ourselves
Preacher of doing, as wanting others to do
Preacher of turning the other cheek
Preacher of giving, wanting nothing back
Preacher of being merciful, as the Father is
Preacher of not judging, but forgiving
Giver of gifts in good measure


Caller of disciples, to be like their teacher
Warner to hypocrites


Teacher of goodness, producing good
Proclaimer of goodness, from the heart
Warner of listening without doing
Critic of building without foundation

R/ Hear my prayer



Jesus, implored to save centurion’s slave
Jesus, for whom centurion feels unworthy
Jesus, whose word believed to heal
Jesus, finding man’s faith beyond Israel’s


Consoler of a grieving mother
Raiser of her young son to life
“A great prophet,” to witnesses


Reliever of disease, suffering, and evil spirits
Sender of disciples to John, say what they see and hear


Caller of this generation “children”
Son of Man, come eating and drinking
Rebuker of critics of eating and drinking
One vindicated by wisdom


Diner with Pharisees
One whose feet bathed with tears of a sinner
Forgiver of her many sins
Rewarder of her great love
One questioned for forgiving sins
Traveler with disciples and some cured women
Proclaimer of good news, the kingdom of God

R/ Hear my prayer



Sower of seed, as the word of God
Interpreter of parables for disciples
Imparter of knowledge of mysteries
Promise-giver of fruit, born through perseverance


Parable-teller of the hidden, become visible
Parable-teller of the secret, become known


Definer of “mother” and “brothers”
Brother to those who hear and act on God’s word

R/ Hear my prayer



Summoner of the 12
Giver of power over demons and disease
Sender of the 12, to proclaim the kingdom of God
Instructor to take nothing for journey


Mystery to Herod
One sought by Herod


Speaker of the kingdom of God to crowd
Healer of sick among them
Blesser of 5 loaves and 2 fish
Feeder of 5,000, provider of great surplus


One who prays in solitude
“John the Baptist” to some
“Elijah” to others
“Ancient prophet, arisen” to still others
“The Christ of God,” called by Peter
“Son of Man” to die and rise on third day
Teacher: deny selves and carry own cross daily


Jesus, changed in appearance while praying
Jesus, seen in glory by Peter, James, and John
“Master,” to Peter
“My chosen Son,” from voice in cloud


One whose every deed amazes
Foreteller of being handed over
Speaker of hidden meaning


Knower of disciples’ hearts
Giver of yourself, to accepter of child in your name
Teacher of the least as greatest


Traveler to Jerusalem
Traveler rejected in Samaritan village
Son of Man, with nowhere to rest your head
Caller to follow you, without looking back

R/ Hear my prayer



Sender of 72 disciples in pairs
Caller of laborers, for your harvest
Instructor of the 72, to offer peace
Enabler of the 72, to cure the sick
Sender of the 72, to proclaim the kingdom of God


Condemner of unworthy towns
Rejecter of those who reject the one who sent you


Receiver of the 72, for their power over Satan
Reminder to rejoice over heaven
Rejoicer in the Holy Spirit
Praise-giver of the Father’s revelation
One handed all things by the Father
One known only by the Father
Only one who knows the Father
Only one to reveal the Father, to those chosen
Blesser of eyes that see
Blesser of those who hear


Converser with scholar of the law
Teacher of love of God and neighbor
Example-giver of Samaritan as “neighbor”
Uplifter of the compassionate
Teacher of mercy


Rebuker of Martha, for her anxiety
Praiser of Mary, for listening at your feet
Teacher of need for only one thing

R/ Hear my prayer



Teacher of prayer to Our Father:
Hallower of the Father’s name
Caller for the Father’s kingdom
Petitioner for daily bread
Pleader for forgiveness
Teacher to “ask and you will receive”
Teacher to “seek and you will find”
Teacher to “knock and the door will be opened”
Revealer of Father’s gift of the Holy Spirit


Driver out of demons, by finger of God
Provider of armor to companions
Warner of unclean spirits, returning to dwell

27-28 (Assumption Vigil)

Blessed of the womb that carried you
Blesser of those who hear the word of God
Blesser of those who observe the word of God


Son of Man, a sign like Jonah
Only sign for this generation
Something greater than Solomon
Something greater than Jonah


Diner with Pharisees
Chastiser of cleansing the outside
Observer of inner cleanliness
Prescriber of almsgiving, to be clean


Woe-giver to those seeking honor
Woe-giver to scholars of the law
Critic of imposing burdens, without helping


Critic of ancestors, who persecuted prophets
Charger of the people, with the blood of prophets
Object of hostility and plotting

R/ Hear my prayer



Warner of “leaven” of hypocrisy
Revealer of secrets, said in darkness
Builder of courage for death
Advisor to fear Gehenna
Glorifier of God’s notice of each sparrow


Acknowledger of disciples, before angels
Denier of deniers, before angels
Consoler of those taken before rulers
Revealer of Holy Spirit, who teaches what to say


Teacher of God’s word
Guardian against greed
Warner against storing up treasure


Reliever of fear for your “little flock”
Revealer of the Father’s pleasure
Counselor to lay treasure in heaven
Advisor to be a vigilant servant
Revealer of Master, who invites us to table
Revealer of Master, who waits on us
Warner of preparation, for unknown hour
Blesser of faithful, prudent servant
Entruster of more from servant
Master, who comes at unknown hour


One come to set the earth on fire
One anguished before accomplishment
Foreteller of division in households


Encourager to interpret present time
Teacher to settle with others

R/ Hear my prayer



Caller to repentence
Parable-teller of the fig tree
Teacher of cultivation, to bear fruit


Sabbath teacher
Sabbath curer of crippled woman
Accused by synagogue leader, for curing on sabbath
Defender: people water animals on the sabbath


Teacher of kingdom, like mustard seed grown large
Teacher of kingdom, like yeast that leavens dough


Caller to enter through the narrow gate
Master of the house
Closer of door to the unknown
Opener to the known
Foreteller of evil-doers, cast out
Promise-giver of saved, welcome at table


Lamenter of Jerusalem, killer of prophets
Yearner to gather her children together
Prophesier of a house abandoned
Prophesier of a time of blessing

R/ Hear my prayer



Sabbath diner with Pharisees
Example-giver of sabbath law exception
Sabbath curer of man with dropsy


Advisor not to take place of honor
Advisor to take the lowest place
Inviter of the poor, lame, and blind
Humbler of the exalted
Exalter of the humbled
Counselor to not expect repayment
Repayer of righteous, at the resurrection


Describer of dining in the kingdom of God
Describer of rejection by the invited
Inviter of the poor, lame, and blind
Rejecter of those who decline


Traveler followed by great crowds
Teacher of way of disciples:
to forsake own life
to carry own cross
to renounce all possessions

R/ Hear my prayer



Shepherd of lost sheep
Joyful finder of one
Assurer of heaven’s joy, over one sinner who repents


Parable-teller of a prodigal son’s return
Example-giver of a father’s compassion
Critic of other son’s anger and envy
Rejoicer that one lost has been found

R/ Hear my prayer



Parable-teller of a squandering steward
Commender of trustworthiness, in small matters
Teacher: No servant can serve two masters


Parable-teller of the poor, carried by angels to Abraham
Parable-teller of the unheeding rich, taken to netherworld
Describer of great chasm between heaven and hell
Foreteller of disbelief in your rising from the dead

R/ Hear my prayer



Woe-giver to one who is cause of sin
Advisor to rebuke sinners
Advisor to forgive repenters
Preacher of power of faith
Teacher of servanthood, beyond obligation


“Jesus, Master,” to 10 lepers
Healer of the 10 lepers
Savior of the one, who returned to give thanks


Warner not to look for coming of kingdom of God
Revealer of kingdom of God among us
Son of Man, foreteller of your suffering
Son of Man, foreteller of your coming
Warner not to look for you


Describer of coming days, like days of Noah
Reminder of their eating, drinking, buying, selling
Reminder of the coming of the Son of Man
Reminder to be prepared
Warner of life lost, for those who seek to preserve it
Saver of life, for those who lose it

R/ Hear my prayer



Parable-teller of need for tireless prayer
Justice-giver to those who pray
Son of Man asking, will faith on earth be found


Parable-teller of self-righteous Pharisee
Justifier of repentent tax collector
Humbler of the exalted
Exalter of the humble


“Jesus of Nazareth,” passing by
“Jesus, Son of David,” to blind man
Giver of sight to man, for his faith

R/ Hear my prayer



Guest of Zacchaeus, a tax collector
Accepter of Zacchaeus’s promise to the poor
Promise-giver of salvation to Zacchaeus
Seeker of the lost, saver of the lost


Parable-teller of servanthood
Rewarder of good and faithful servant
Accuser of unproductive, wicked servant
Giver of more, to one who has
Taker away, from one who has not

28-40 (Palm Sunday Procession)

Master, in need of colt
Rider of colt, on road into Jerusalem
Praised one by multitude, for mighty deeds


Weeper over Jerusalem
Prophesier of its destruction


Driver of sellers from the temple
Proclaimer of temple a house of prayer
One sought for death, by temple leaders

R/ Hear my prayer



Teacher challenged about resurrection
Teacher that the worthy rise from dead
Teacher that marriage, not for coming age
Teacher, like Moses, of God of the living

R/ Hear my prayer



Admirer of a poor widow
Accepter of worthy offerings, from poverty


Foreteller of temple destruction
Warner against deceivers, coming in your name
Foreteller of destruction on earth
Prophet of terrifying sights and mighty signs


Name in whom followers suffer persecution
Giver of wisdom for testimony
Bestower of life to those who persevere


Warner of the desolation of Jerusalem
Proclaimer of scripture, fulfilled
Describer of signs in the sun, moon, and stars
Describer of nations in disarray
Describer of people dying of fright
Son of Man, coming in power and glory
Promise-giver of redemption, at hand


Parable-teller of the budding fig tree
Assurer that the kingdom of God is near
Bestower of words that do not pass away


Advisor to be vigilant in prayer at all times
Advisor to stand before the Son of Man

R/ Hear my prayer


22:14-23:56 (Palm Sunday)

Eater of Passover with apostles
Giver of thanks over a cup
Blesser and breaker of bread
Giver of bread as your body for them
Commender to do this in your memory
Giver of cup as your blood for them
Caller of cup, the new covenant
Settler of argument among apostles
Servant among them
Teacher of servanthood
Conferer of your kingdom upon them
One who prays for apostles’ faith
Foreteller of Peter’s denial
Fulfiller of words: He was counted among the wicked
One who prays this cup be taken away
Obeyer of the Father’s will
One who prays in agony, strengthened by angel
Reprimander of sleeping apostles
One betrayed by Judas with a kiss
One taken by guards to high priest
One beaten, reviled, taken to Sanhedrin
“Son of Man” to be seated at God’s right hand
Innocent one, charged before Pilate
One sent to Herod, mocked by him
One found not guilty by Pilate, left to crowd
One whose life demanded by crowd
One upon whom a cross is laid
Carrier of cross, helped by Simon of Cyrene
Speaker to daughters of Jerusalem: Do not weep for me
Counselor: Weep for yourselves and your children
One crucified, saying, “Father forgive them”
One taunted as “King of the Jews”
Savior of criminal, for his faith
One whose death brings darkness at noon
“Innocent man” to centurion
One buried in new tomb, before the sabbath

R/ Hear my prayer


1-12 (Easter Vigil)

“The living one” to angels at the tomb
Son of Man, risen on third day
One in whom women at the tomb believe
One in whom Peter at the tomb believes


Walker on the road to Emmaus
Interpreter of scripture to two disciples
Blesser of bread, breaker of bread
Revealer of self, at supper
Vanisher from their sight
Risen one breaking bread, reported by disciples


Peace-giver to disciples
“Ghost,” thought by disciples
Presenter of wounds: “Touch me and see ”
Eater of fish
Opener of minds to understand scripture
Fulfiller of scripture: The Christ to suffer and rise
Name by which disciples to preach repentence
Caller of disciples as witnesses

46-53 (Ascension)

Sender of Father’s promise upon disciples
Instructor to await the power from on high
Blesser of disciples, receiver of their homage
One taken from disciples, up to heaven

R/ Hear my prayer

Rosemary Lunardini