A litany of the names of Christ, drawn from the Gospel of St. John


1-18 (Christmas Day)

St. John the Evangelist
Word, in the beginning with God
Word who is God
Word through whom all came to be
Word through whom comes life
Light of the human race
Light testified by John
True light come into the world
Light unaccepted by your own
Maker of children of God
Word become flesh, dwelling among us
Only Son, seen in the Father’s glory
Word full of grace and truth
Only Son, at the Father’s side
Only Son, revealer of the Father


Lord whose path made straight by John
One coming after John


“Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world”
One who ranks above John
One made known by baptism with water
One on whom the Spirit comes down
One who will baptize by the Holy Spirit
“Son of God,” testified by John


“Rabbi” (teacher), to two disciples
“Messiah,” to Andrew
Inviter of disciples, “Follow me”
Messiah, found by Andrew and Simon
One about whom Moses wrote, to Philip
“Jesus, son of Joseph, from Nazareth,” to Philip
“Son of God, King of Israel,” to Nathanael
Chooser of Simon, to be called Peter


“Rabbi,” to Nathanael
Describer to Nathanael of heaven opened

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Guest at wedding in Cana
One whose mother speaks of need for wine
Changer of water into wine
Revealer of your glory in signs
Caller of disciples, who believe in you


Traveler to Jerusalem for Passover
Driver of sellers from the temple
Prophet of temple destroyed, raised in three days
Speaker of temple as your body, raised in three days
Name in whom Jerusalem begins to believe

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Receiver of the Pharisee Nicodemus
Promise-giver of birth from above


Only one come down from heaven
Son of Man, to be lifted up
Bestower of eternal life, to believers


Only Son, given by God in love
Son given, so everyone believes
Son sent to save, not condemn


Beloved of God, who loved the world
Only Son of God, given to the world
Light come into the world
Saviour of whomever believes in you


Baptizer in Judea
The Christ, attested by John the Baptist
One who must increase, and John decrease


One from above, above all
Testifier to God’s trustworthiness
Speaker of words of God
Receiver of everything from God
Giver of eternal life for believers

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Jesus, tired from journey, resting at Jacob’s well
Pleader for a drink, from Samaritan woman
Breaker of barriers in Samaria
Offerer of living water, to woman at well
Giver of water, becoming stream for eternal life
Affirmer of salvation from the Jews
Prophet of true worship, in Spirit and truth
Revealer of yourself, the Messiah, to woman
The Christ, made known by woman to the town
One who knows everything she has done
Giver of your word, to Samaritans
True savior of the world, to many of them


Traveler to Judea
Prophet without honor in your native place
Healer of believing official’s son
Miracle-worker of Galilee
Chastiser of sign-seekers

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Caller to cripple, “Arise and walk”
Sabbath-breaker, seen by Jews
Warner to healed man, sin no more


Son who does what your Father does
Father’s beloved Son
Giver of life, as the Father gives
Son to be honored, as the Father is
Life-giving voice
Foreteller of hour when all raised from dead
Just judge for the Father
Promise-giver of eternal life to believers


Caller of John’s testimony, true
Possessor of Father’s testimony, greater than John’s
Caller of your works, the Father’s testimony
One unaccepted, coming in the Father’s name
Caller of scripture, true testimony
Critic of Moses’ followers, who do not believe

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Healer followed by crowd up the mountain
Knower of crowd’s needs
Giver of thanks, for few loaves and fishes
Feeder of all, to their fill
“True prophet” to the people
Seeker of solitude


Walker on the stormy sea
Caller to disciples: “It is I”
Dispeller of disciples’ fear


Food for eternal life
Bearer of the Father’s seal
Work of God, sent by God


“The bread of life”
Promise to those who come to you, never to hunger
Promise to believers, never to thirst

35-40 (All Souls Day)

Rejector of none who come to you
Loser of nothing the Father gives you
Raiser of believers, on the last day


“Bread that came down from heaven”
“Son of Joseph,” to Jews
Only one who has seen the Father
“The bread of life”
Living bread come down from heaven
Bread exceeding manna
Flesh given as bread, for life of the world

52-59 (Corpus Christi)

Cause of consternation among Jews
“The living bread come down from heaven”
Flesh that is true food
Blood that is true drink
Bread for disciples, unlike ancestors’ bread


Presenter of hard sayings for disciples
Word of spirit and life
Only way to the Father
“Master . . . holy one of God,” to Peter
Foreteller of your betrayal

R/ Hear my prayer



One known but unknown, sent by the Father
Critic of glory seekers
One sought by the Jews
Defender of sabbath healing
One whose hour not come

37-39 (Pentecost Vigil)

Inviter to the thirsty, come and drink
Quoter of scripture, living water will flow from believers
Foreteller of the coming Spirit


True prophet, to some
“The Christ,” to others
Galilean, denied as Christ by some
Speaker like no other, to guards
A man to be heard, to Nicodemus
False prophet, to Pharisees

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Questioner of law to stone adultress
Writer of unknown words, on the ground
Challenger to one “without sin”–to cast first stone
Forgiver of adultress, told to sin no more


“The light of the world”
One testified by the Father


I AM, who does not belong to world
I AM, who will be lifted up
One who does nothing on your own
One who is not left alone
One who always pleases your Father
Cause of belief of many


Word of truth that frees
Son who frees slaves of sin
One come from God, not on your own


Promise-giver of life, to keepers of your word
Seeker not of glory, but from the Father
Offerer of life from the Father
Verifier of the Father’s word
I AM, before Abraham came to be

R/ Hear my prayer



“The light of the world”
Maker of clay, anointer of eyes
Sabbath healer of man born blind
Sabbath breaker, to some Pharisees
Respecter of the sabbath
“Prophet” to cured man
One from God who can do anything
Son of Man, inspiring belief
One come to judge the world
Maker of the sightless to see, and the seeing blind

R/ Hear my prayer



Voice heard by the sheep
“The gate for the sheep”
Found pasture
Abundant life


“The good shepherd”
Shepherd who knows your own
Shepherd whose own know you
One shepherd of one flock
Shepherd who lays down your life
Shepherd who takes it up again


Excluder of unbelievers from your sheep
Voice heard by your sheep
Shepherd who knows your own sheep
Promise-giver never to perish
Hand that holds your sheep
Hand given sheep, out of Father’s hand
One with the Father


Target of stoners for blasphemy
Challenger to believe in your works
Caller to believe in your words
One in whom the Father is
One who is in the Father
Escaper, across the Jordan
One seen by many, as truth of John

R/ Hear my prayer



Lord, met by Martha when Lazarus dies
Lord, with power over death, to Martha
Son of God, to be glorified
Promise-giver of Lazarus rising
“The resurrection and the life”
Promise-giver of life, to believers in you
Speaker before the tomb: “Lazarus, come out”
“The Christ, the Son of God coming into the world,” to Martha


One feared by Sanhedrin, for giving signs
One chosen to die for the nation
Jesus, staying with disciples before Passover

R/ Hear my prayer



Recliner at table with Lazarus
Accepter of Mary’s anointing with oil
Defender of Mary to Judas, for the cost
Foreseer of your burial anointing


Son of Man, to be glorified
Troubled man, at this hour
Glorifier of the Father’s name
Revealer, your servants to be where you are
One to be lifted up from the earth
Drawer of everyone to yourself


Light come into the world
Dispeller of darkness for believers
Word that condemns, on last day
Obedient Son
Sayer what the Father says

R/ Hear my prayer


1-15 (Holy Thursday)

Jesus, whose hour is come
Jesus, lover of your own to the end
Jesus, aware of your power
Jesus, knowing of your return to God
Washer of apostles’ feet
Rebuker of Peter, for his refusal
“Master” and “teacher,” to apostles
Model of servanthood


Fulfiller of scripture
One sent, who sends others


Recliner at table with your disciples
Identifier of your traitor
Hander of dipped morsel to Judas
Speaker to Judas, “do quickly”
Son of Man, now glorified
Son of Man, in whom God glorified
Master who cannot be followed now
New lawgiver: Love one another as I have loved you
Rebuker of Peter, who will deny you

R/ Hear my prayer



Freer of troubled hearts who believe
Preparer of a place for us, in your Father’s house
“Master,” to Thomas
“The way, the truth, and the life”


Speaker of words not your own
One in whom the Father dwells
One who dwells in the Father
One in whom the Father works
Caller of believers, to do your works
One in whose name, anything is done
One going to the Father
Glorifier of the Father


Prophet of the coming Advocate
One who will live, and disciples will see
One who will be in them
Promise-giver of your love


Definer of love that keeps your word
Word of the Father who sent you
Promise-giver of the Father’s love
Indweller of those who love you
Foreteller of Holy Spirit’s coming


Leaver of peace, unlike the world’s
Untroubler of hearts
Lover of the Father
One who will come back
Promise of coming ruler of the world

R/ Hear my prayer



“The true vine”
Vine whose pruned branches bear more fruit
Speaker of words that prune
Sole cause of bearing fruit
Promise to those who remain in you
Promise to those in whom your word remains


Promise to those who keep your commandments
Son who loves, as the Father loves
Completion of our joy
Giver of commandment of love
Friend, not master
Appointer of friends to bear fruit
Promise of the Father’s gifts


Warner of belonging to the world
Warner of persecution, on account of your name


Sender of the Advocate
One testified by the Spirit
Caller to disciples to testify
Warner of their hour to come

R/ Hear my prayer



Sender of Advocate, when you go
Warner of the world’s condemnation
Promise of righteousness, in belief

12-15 (Holy Trinity)

Revealer of coming Spirit of truth
Revealer of Spirit, glorifying you
Revealer of Spirit, declaring it to disciples
Giver of what is yours, for disciples


Consoler of disciples: sorrow will turn into joy
Promise of your return in joy
Name in whom to ask for anything
Name in whom all is given


Expresser of joy, in asking and receiving
Speaker now, in figures
Speaker clearly, in hour to come
Promise-giver of the Father’s love
Leave-taker of the world
Beloved, going back to the Father


Plain talker, to disciples
Bestower of courage
Conqueror of the world
Prayer-offerer to the Father

R/ Hear my prayer



Eyes raised to heaven, at hour come
Seeker of glory, for the Father
Seeker of glory, from the Father
Revealer of the Father’s name
Giver of the Father’s word
Sharer in glory, given back
Son, coming to the Father


Offerer of prayer, followers share your glory
Offerer of prayer, followers not belong to the world
Consecrated one, for our consecration


Prayer-offerer for all who believe
Prayer-offerer for oneness, as you and the Father
Giver of glory, given you by the Father
Prayer-offerer, the Father’s love be known
Beloved of the Father, before the world’s foundation
Prayer-offerer, the Father’s name be known

R/ Hear my prayer


1-19:42 (Good Friday)

“Jesus, the Nazorean,” sought by soldiers
Answerer, “I AM”
Bound one, brought to Annas
Denied one, three times by Peter
Questioned one, by high priest
One who has said nothing in secret
Bound one, sent to Caiphas
A criminal, Jews tell Pilate
King not of this world
Testifier to truth by your birth
Guiltless one, found by Pilate
One who opposes Caesar, according to Jews
One whose execution demanded by Jews
One handed over by Pilate, to be crucified
Carrier of your cross to Golgotha
One crucified, between two others
“Jesus the Nazorean, King of the Jews,” signed by Pilate
Fulfiller of scripture: “They divided my garments”
Giver of your Mother to John, from the cross
Giver of John to your Mother, from the cross
Fulfiller of scripture: “I thirst”
Bowed head, your spirit handed over
Fulfiller of scripture, as no bone is broken
Fulfiller of scripture, as your side is pierced
Jesus, whose body claimed by Joseph of Arimathea
Jesus, whose body bound for burial by Nicodemus
Jesus, whose body laid in new tomb

R/ Hear my prayer


1-9 (Easter Day)

Leaver of your burial cloths in tomb
Mary of Magdala’s Lord, “taken from tomb”
Unseen Lord, believed by John


Caller to Mary, weeping by your tomb
The gardener, mistaken by Mary
Caller by her name, “Mary”
“Rabbouni (teacher),” known to Mary
Risen one, yet to ascend to the Father
One who cannot be held onto
Message-giver: “Go to my brothers and tell them”
“The Lord,” reported seen by Mary

19-31 (Divine Mercy Sunday; Pentecost)

Appearer to disciples behind locked doors
Breath that brings Holy Spirit
Giver of power to forgive sins
Presenter of your wounds to doubting Thomas
“My Lord and my God,” to Thomas
Blesser of those who have not seen and have believed
One whose signs are written, but not all
Name in whom believers have life

R/ Hear my prayer



Caller to fishermen in the night
Filler of their nets
“The Lord,” known to John
Preparer of fish and bread to eat
“The Lord,” to Peter, then disciples


Revealer of yourself, eating with disciples
Tester of Peter’s love, 3 times
Instructor to Peter: “Feed my sheep”
Signifier of Peter’s death, on a cross


Regarder of your beloved disciple
Chest on which your beloved disciple reclined
One testified in truth by John in writing
One whose deeds not all contained in books

R/ Hear my prayer

Rosemary Lunardini